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d:ternity - Archivierung von Firmendaten


dternity guarantees the highest possible level of security for your corporate data - and ensures that compliance requirements are met in full.


The dternity archiving process is certified. Your data is handled and stored on our servers in accordance with the highest possible security standards.

The conditions required by law and by your own company are maintained permanently and demonstrably (compliance). From banking records that must be archived according to GDPdU (Principles governing Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documentation) to emails or data from document management systems – the dternity archiving process is documented comprehensively and affords the highest possible level of IT security.

  • Air conditioning and ambient conditions
    • Temperature range defined in accordance with IT guidelines
    • Atmospheric humidity defined in accordance with IT guidelines
    • Continuous monitoring and recording of the indoor climate
    • Cleanroom conditions
  • DIN compliant fire protection system
    • Monitoring by 2 independent fire protection systems to detect the slightest trace of smoke
    • Optionally automatic activation of the extinguisher system
    • Immediate alerting of the fire service
    • Continuous system maintenance
  • UPS and emergency power supply
    • Safeguarding of the entire dternity environment by adequate emergency power supply
  • DIN compliant surveillance system
    • video surveillance outside business hours
    • Monitoring by security firm (at night)
    • Immediate alert of responsible individuals, police if necessary, if an incident occurs
    • Continuous system maintenance
  • DIN compliant access control
    • Only authorised individuals permitted entry to the dternity environment
    • Access control with fingerprint and card authentication
  • Personnel
    • Engagement of authorised, trained personnel
    • Team discussions before each new project/order
    • Use of workflows with clearly defined instructions regarding responsibilities and actions
    • All personnel involved have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • IT shelter
    • Storage of additional safety copies in a very remote IT shelter under the strictest security conditions
    • Continuous remote monitoring of the bunker (temperature, atmospheric humidity, alarm system)

dternity – Archiving with certification.

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